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' NARA SUSHI ' is a sushi restaurant along Polk St. This has now become my favorite sushi place in our neighborhood. They offer a good selection of sushis and entrees as well. I've found that their sushi is very fresh. My favorite sashimi is the sake (salmon) their chefs knowto select the best cuts and it's always fresh, not too fatty. Sometimes I'll order some tuna as well, with some steamed rice and miso soup my favorite Japanese comfort food. I'll tried the donburis (chicken and pork) as well and the portions are large and the sauce is done just right. I've tried their ramen noodles very well made and the broth was cooked and flavored right. Once or twice I've had a craving for friend ice cream and I come here the crust is nice and light while the ice cream remains cold. We tried a lot of their rolls and nigiri all quite good and it's a good time to try some exotic sushi. We had so many that night. The inari nigiri and sake nigiri were particularly good. The fried spicy rolls were delicious as well it's hard to order something that's not good here.

MariaB From ReviewStream.

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